Airbrushing Sony MSR-V700DJ

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airbrushed headphones

dismaneling sony v700dj


1 ) Dismantle. The MDR-V700DJ come apart quite nicely... the only tricky part is un-soldering the drivers. I would not pull the swivel hinges apart as they are a b**ch to put back together again.

undercoating headphones
3) Undercoating. Now mask off any areas you don't want to get paint in or on and give everything a good few coats of base coat. Try not to get any runs and don't forget to paint the sides.
2)Sanding. I know it seems harsh but if you want to get a nice finish you are going to have to sand down all the raised text on the headphones ( sorry SONY ).
sanding the sony logo
Airbrushing Sony Headphones
4) Painting. You may want to practice your design first and chose your colors. Then gradually build up the paintwork in layers until you get the effect you want. Make sure you let each layer dry before you do the next. If you mess up you can always wipe off the last layer with some solvent before it drys.
5) Finishing touches. Here I hand cut a stencil to make sure the design has some nice crisp edges.
hinished headphones
6) The finished product. Ahh time to put everything back together and admire your work.